"Authenticity is required, lest the representation becomes a fake, a morally repugnant spectacle."

-Michel-Rolph Trouillot
  Silencing the Past

Military Guidelines

 The basic uniform for the 78th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Co. F is the standard Federal uniform consisting of  a 4 button Sack, with light blue kersey wool foot pattern trousers, and either a dark blue Kepi, forage cap, or black slouch hat of civilian pattern.  Jefferson brogans or period military style boots are acceptable footwear.  For safety and authenticity  reasons only reproduction three band models of the 1842, 1861, or 1863 Springfield and British Enfield pattern rifled muskets with triangular socket bayonets  will be permitted to be carried on the field.  The military members take pride in learning and executing drill as the soldiers did, and make every effort to research and learn as much as we can about the period, in order to improve our impression.  It is encouraged that new members or people new to this hobby talk to experienced members of our group before purchasing uniforms and equipment.  We'll gladly answer any questions you have about getting involved.

Civilian Guidelines

  Civilians of the 78th PVI, Company F seek to portray, as authentically as possible, civilians of the Civil War era.  Clothing is hand or machine sewn from patterns of that time.  Fabrics consist of natural fibers and fabric prints closely resemble those of the 1860s.  The working woman's impression consists of a cotton or wool work dress, a slat bonnet, and an apron.  Black or brown leather boots are also worn.  Period correct eyeglasses (spectacles) are highly encouraged.  Hairstyles of the 1860s consisted of hair having a center part and being pulled or twisted into a bun at the nape pf the neck.  Fine hair nets were also worn.  Undergarments including a chemise, corset, and petticoats are worn.  Corded petticoats give shape to the work dress and also allow ease of movement.  Cotton or wool stockings are also worn.

Recommended Suppliers

Brad Keune
19 Pleasant Street
Rockville, Connecticut 06066
(Forage Caps)
* Maker of our forage caps
  May not be making Caps at this time

TP&H Trading Company  (Tim Bender)
(Civilian and Military Hats)

C.J. Daley Historical Reproductions
(Uniforms, Rank Chevrons)  *We recommend only buying in person from CJ Daley*

S&S Sutler  (Gettysburg, PA)
(Uniforms, Personal Items)

County Cloth (Charlie Childs)
(Uniforms, Kits, Patterns, Material)

Richmond Depot
(High Quality Confederate Garments)

Mattimore Harness (Tom Mattimore)
(Shoes, Boots)

Missouri Boot & Shoe Company
(Accouterments, Knapsacks, Shoes)

Carter and Jasper Authentic Mercantile
(Knit Goods, Coverlets, Misc.)

Nick Sekela
(Canteens, Blankets, Material, Misc. Everything)

Regimental Quartermaster
(Muskets, Personal Items)

Wambaugh and White
(Uniforms, Kits, Fabric)

Nick Duvall
(Leather Accoutraments)

Starbuck Caps
(Confederate Kepis)

Civilian Patterns and Attire

James Country Mercantile
(Patterns, stockings)

Abraham's Lady
(Dresses, Shoes, Corsets, Patterns)

Civil War Lady
(High quality and authentic clothing)

Wooded Hamlet
(Correct trims, sewing & knitting supplies)

Miller's Millinery
(Bonnets, patterns)

Needle & Thread
2215 Fairfield Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325
(717) 334-4011
(Fabric, hoops, sewing supplies)

Miscellaneous Vendors 

Burnley and Trowbridge
(Fabrics and Notions)

William Booth and Draper
(Fabrics and Thread)

Fabrics Store
(Linen Fabric)

The above list of vendors are highly suggested from unit members who in the past have had success in purchasing authentic period items. Although plenty of sutler's may not be listed research should always be the first step before attempting to purchase or make anything. All new members should inquire before purchasing anything.