Saturday, May 19, 2012

Involvement in Memorial Day Parade

Members and followers,

Next Monday, the 28th of May, we will be marching in Freeport's Memorial Day Parade. As far as I am aware of from talk at the drill today, the details are as follows:

-Meet at Weaver's Grave at Freeport Cemetary at 8:00 AM.
-Will proceed to form up for the parade and Memorial Service at the high school following.
-Lunch at the VFW will follow.

-Bring 10-12 rounds for several volleys.

-Marching will be in line and column (of fours, if possible), and maneuvers will include by-file left/right, wheeling, and about face for firing.
-Arms will be at the shoulder or right shoulder shift or port while marching.
-Eyes-right will be ordered when passing the grand stand.
-Parade rest will be of the lockplate in, feet in a T, and left hand over right type.